Monday, March 17, 2014

Join the #UNIFY Global Water Ceremony

Water Unifies us All. On March 22nd, Join the world in the Synchronized Global Water Ceremony. At 3:00pm in your local time and 3:00pm pacific. UNIFYing with the world to restore our relationship with this sacred medium of life.

At this exact moment there will be millions across the planet synergizing in meditation, prayer and creative expression setting the way forward with our renewed relationship with water. Join us in a global ceremony.

All cultures and sacred traditions are interconnected through water; from blessings, prayers in the Ganges, Baptisms in churches, to Water Ceremonies on Turtle Island. UNIFY is activating its global network of millions to gather with their prayers and intentions in the water, on the water and at the water.

World Water Day is a day celebrating the life giving spirit of Water. As a global community we are paddling the river of life together restoring our sacred relationship with the essence of Life, on our Blue Planet. World Water Day begins UNIFY’s yearlong campaign to synergize the global community in embodying our deepest hopes of living in Peace – as one human family – unified.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Martin Luther King Day in Detroit 2014

Today was the national observance of Martin Luther King Day. At Central United Methodist many activists from across the city gathered. The fight for human, civil, social, economic, and environmental rights was palpable throughout the day. We started with  speakers and presentations to acknowledge what has been accomplished with a message aimed at the present and future. This was followed by a march through the streets past the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Hall (happening at this time). After the march we came together for a meal and entertainment from various poets and musicians. Learn more about the plans for the day and follow-up at

Slideshow of Photos

Link to Broadcast Video Clips - 27 clips captured from inside church, on the march, and entertainment afterward.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MICATS Facing Felony Charges for Enbridge Pipeline Blockade

Today representatives for four people charged with resisting & obstructing are requesting their felony cases be quashed in Ingham County 55th District Court by Judge Donald L. Allen Jr.. I'm tracking this case live from court and building the Storify content as it happens.

Unfortunately my laptop battery power died during court. I was not able to take photos inside the court either.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Reaping What We Sow - Hope for Better Days?

I was looking at the historic origins of patriotism and found this passage from "Fears In Solitude" within Sibylline Leaves [The Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Prose and Verse]. It was written in April 1798 during the alarm of an invasion.
We send our mandates for the certain death of thousands and ten thousands! Boys and girls, and women that would groan to see a child pull off an insect's leg, all read of war, the best amusement for our morning meal! The poor wretch who has learnt his only prayers from curses, who knows scarcely words enough to ask a blessing from his Heavenly Father, becomes a fluent phraseman absolute and technical in victories and defeats, and all our dainty terms for fratricide. Terms which we trundle smoothly o'er our tongues. Like mere abstractions empty sounds, to which We join no feeling and attach no form! As if the soldier died without a wound. As if the fibres of this godlike frame were gored without a pang. As if the wretch who fell in battle doing bloody deeds pass'd off to Heaven translated and not kill'd; As though he had no wife to pine for him, no God to judge him! Therefore evil days are coming on us, O my countrymen! And what if all-avenging Providence, strong and retributive, should make us know the meaning of our words, force us to feel the desolation and the agony of our fierce doings!
The statements are intended to have the reader consider the position of those committed to war. Not just the traditional wars labelled as such, include these:

  • the war on the poor 
  • the intentional derogation of societies and communities 
  • the preying on differences in the name of greed and superiority 

We must ask who has represented us and brought the conflict forward. What stake do those responsible for the deaths of those involved have in the choice of war? Will the responsible parties hold to being responsible? They must know the reality of war, don't they? Rather than bear that responsibility the story is turned over to our press and television. They will wash away the true nature of violence, sanitize it for easy consumption and build support for the effort of war, rarely questioning the premise for engaging.

As I view and think it through I find it is aligned with thoughts that we will reap what we sow. Violence will beget violence. Sadly we contribute to the maddening delusion that the war must exist. We also cling to the belief that our press and television are there to provide news in the manner we need to hear it. The message is clear that the authorities behind the message are helping us, providing guidance in the "truth" of the matter.

Welcome to 2014 - I hope you continue to read what is outside the mainstream. Remember this saying I've been using throughout 2013, it deserves more time in our lives.

Question authority or be enslaved by it.

Educate yourself, quest for the truth, live a life of service to others and know through this you will be cared for as the community grows. Be so close to the story you follow that you are part of that story knowing it intimately. Its time to be engaged in living and responsible for making future plans that have a future for our children.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Detroit Warming Centers 2013-14

The warming centers in the city of Detroit for the Winter of 2013-14 are listed below.

Center Name
with City weblink
AddressOpen Hours
Crowell Recreation Center16630 Lahser11am - 7pm
Farwell Recreation Center2781 East Outer Drive1pm - 9pm
Heilman Community Center19261 Crusade 1pm - 9pm

This map of the locations is from the City of Detroit website for all recreation / community centers.